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AT&T Recovery Updates

for Nashville & Kentucky


As a preferred Solutions Provider of AT&T, we are working with our advocacy team to get the latest insights on internet connection restoral.

Please see 3 insights below that may help as you navigate through this challanging time.

3 Things to Consider Going Forward

For those without AT&T internet, phone or TV Service in Tennessee and Kentucky due to the horrific event on Christmas Day in Nashville, here are 3 things to consider that may help with your plan to navigate until AT&T restores service:

  1. Always have a backup internet option. At Mitech Partners, we preach this constantly to business owners but this is necessary at home too since so much of what we do today depends on an internet connection (working virtually, paying bills, watching TV, operating appliances, communicating with loved ones, etc). A simple way to have backup at home is to ensure your mobile carrier has the hotspot feature on your phone or ipad. 

We’ve been using our hotspots at home since yesterday and have been able to communicate with family, clients, watch streaming services and more.

For businesses, this is a MUST. Some businesses cannot accept payments from clients through their POS if their internet is down. Businesses should ALWAYS have backup internet (which means a totally different provider than the primary option on a totally different network) and a backup way to collect payments.

Although it’s AT&T this time, it could very well be Comcast, Spectrum, CenturyLink or any other carrier due to some other unpredictable event. Need Backup Internet? Contact one of our business consultants HERE


You may be able to use your neighbor’s wifi or hotspot (or even MNPS’ hotspots given to students for virtual school) as well. You can also consider using free wifi at a local business like Starbucks to knock out some things. But I wouldn’t pay any bills or do anything online through public wifi to prevent your personal data being compromised.

2. Develop a communications plan for your clients, friends and family. In the event that you can’t communicate by normal means, how will you get in touch with your loved ones or clients? Consider putting together a plan of action in black and white on your company or family website. Discuss it so everyone knows what to do if that stuff hit the fan! Take a look at samples of a Crisis Communications’ Plan HERE.

3. Make this site a favorite as we’ll be posting updated information on this page as we recieve it directly from AT&T. Also, Stay aware of updates from AT&T and other businesses impacted by this event HERE


Why use Mitech instead of the actual carrier?

Mitech can offer a non-biased perspective by giving clients multiple carrier pricing options. Mitech also manages your account to maintain best pricing and handles all tech support calls. #NoMoreHassle

Does Mitech charge additional fees?

Mitech does not charge any additional fees. Mitech is paid by the carrier to submit your new order for business telecom or internet service. Once you become a Mitech client, we manage the account (tech support) at no additional cost.

Does Mitech require contracts?

Mitech only requires a contract if the carrier in question requires a contract. We follow the service requirements of the service provider.

How does the Partner Program work?

Mitech pays upfront commissions or a recurring commission to referral partners for sending us new clients (you choose). Visit to sign up for free.


Listen to what they’re saying…

My Experience with Mitech was very seamless from the start of the project to the end of the project… We were expecting a little more downtime and we really didn’t have that.

Don Watson, On The Move Moving & Storage

The first person I thought of when I opened my office to take care of our communications needs was Bill. He and his team are amazing at what they do.

I always knew that with Mitech, I was going to get that high level of service… that you can’t find everywhere today.

Bobby Bartram, Farmers Insurance Agent

I represent properties in California as well as in Nashville, Tennessee, and on the East Coast. Having one number to call [for support] is just a tremendous concept. 

Grady Ring

The benefits of working with Mitech Partners are how quickly they worked with me. We spoke in the morning and by that afternoon we already had a plan of action.

I am absolutely secure in saying when I have another project, I will go through the same experience with Mitech. 

Based on just my short experience with Mitech, I’m saying ‘You’ve got to use these guys!’

Adrian Granderson, Co-Owner WKND



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